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Le Havre
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Paris - La Défense
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Welcome to match my school !You can see the programs available or continue your application.
Our Mission
Match My School is a Phygital platform created to help and support students in choosing the program that matches their expectations, career plans and budget.
We support students from all around the world to choose the best possible school that matches their unique skills and personalities, without all the hassle, stress and complications of searching, applying and following up.
We support the student through the admission process and provide all information in an objective and relevant way.
Our education advisors provide professional help to all students with complete transparency because their future is our priority.
How MMS Works
Select a School, a program & complete your eligibility test
1- After completing your admission test, you will receive an email right after with the confirmation of your submission as well as your admission ID.
2- A second email will be sent to you within the next 48 hours with detailed feedback that is tailored to your admission’s test answers.
Book an appointment
1- On that second email with the detailed feedback, you will have the possibility to schedule a coaching session with one of our education advisors.
2- Discuss all your education options.
3- Confirm with the MMS advisor the best choice of school and program, giving the student all the relevant information from the admission to the graduation.
Start Applying
1. Our education advisors will help you to start the application process.
2. A complete follow up of the admission and application process.
3. We offer financial advice.
Accepted ?
1- Get accepted and start preparing your studies journey?
2- We will help you apply for a student Visa.
3- Guidance on housing & bank requirements, insurances...
Match your
With your
Our Guiding Principles
one of our main objectives is to create a safe and convenient admission process, but also to endorse the role of facilitator in terms of administration and logistics (travel, housing & visa for example).
We always encourage our students to follow their gut feeling and pursue the education that they’re passionate about. Our aim is to support them in choosing the program that will ensure their satisfaction and a successful career plan.
Commitment & Consistency
We believe that without commitment, you will never start and without consistency, you will never reach your expectations. That's why we are committed to supporting and motivating you from the beginning of the application to the completion of your enrollment.
We treat each applicant as a unique profile with a personalized plan and follow up.
Our Vision
MMS aims to become a leading platform in the education which ensures the best matching between students and schools worldwide:
- Provide the highest level of candidate satisfaction by supporting them at every stage of their application process.
- Provide extended visibility to our school and university partners and become the reference in terms of qualified leads.
- Provide necessary information that international students need when applying to a higher education institution (visa, scholarship, laws and obligations, accommodation, banking, travel, etc.).